Oct 4, 2011

buffalo wild wings (MoFo 22)

Buffalo, New York must have been too far for the founders of Buffalo Wild Wings in 1981, based out of Ohio, which must have been the impetus to open a restaurant built around chicken wings. The restaurant makes wings... and about a dozen or so different sauces to coat them. Not only are the chicken wings formerly those of..chickens... the sauces are 'thickened' and 'stabilized' using eggs. Neither is necessary.

Last MoFo I attempted to duplicate chicken wings since they have become such a huge staple in our culture; sort of a bonus for the meat-packers ... they get to sell the chicken meat/carcass and now, thanks to the popular Buffalo Wings, not lose money on the previously not-good-for-anything-but-to-make-stock chicken wings. Fantastic. Except for the chickens.

My last attempt to make wings was a little complicated and I wanted to have another go at it. This recipe uses both seitan and pressed tofu very successfully... and easily. The pieces are coated with a little flour and fried. That's it.

The sauces are pretty great. Buffalo Wild Wing's most popular sauce is the Spicy Garlic one, but if the teaspoon of garlic powder is not enough for you (as for me), add three cloves of minced garlic to the bowl you will be tossing the wings in. They will cook well enough with the residual heat from the frying of the pieces. 

The second sauce, Parmesan Garlic, makes use of roasted garlic and mayo. You can omit the parmesan if you can't find any good vegan ones (Hint: Tami and Celine's new sandwich cookbook will have a fantastic recipe for one in it! Yes!) just up the roasted garlic and add a teaspoon or two of nutritional yeast. 

Serve with fries, celery sticks, a brewskie and ranch dressing. Is it football season, yet?

Wings with Spicy Garlic Sauce

Wings with Parmesan Garlic Sauce


  1. Oh OH OH!!!!
    You little tease! So looking forward to the recipes.

  2. Wings are one of my weaknesses... and I was never even tempted by them before going vegan. These look awesome!

  3. Chicken carcasses...great post. I can't understand how people don't visualize bird wings when they order the real thing. I'll be waiting in the wings for your terrific recipe.

  4. Oh, I can't wait to get these recipes... I NEED me a wing fix!

  5. I'm especially interested to see how you make the parm-garlic work.

  6. This seems great! Thanks for sharing such great recipes. I think I might try this. Do you think that the seitan could perhaps be made in a slow cooker or steamed r on the stove-top? If I do try this recipe I will tell you.

    1. Thanks, EZ! You can make the seitan in a slow cooker, but keep the lid ajar by 1/4-inch and use the low setting. The lower the temp of the cooking broth (while still being able to cook the gluten) the better the flavor and texture of the seitan. Do not steam or use the stove top because steaming uses very high temp (over 212 F) and the stove is very unpredictable regarding constant temperature.

      Thanks for visiting!


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