Oct 9, 2011

MoFo update

Update of failure. I blame it on my husband. When you tell someone they will fail, they just might. I asked him to check on the contents of the oven and as he walked upstairs to report his findings, he flat-out told me it was a bust. The dish wasn't  even done, yet, but when someone portends its demise, it is a foregone conclusion that the end has been foretold. Thus, after another two hours of cooking, it was evident that he was right.

I will retry with this particular restaurant replication later since I have a feeling I know what went wrong, but I don't wish to divulge the name of the place in case I ... well, fail again.

I typically would not blog about something like this, since I hate terribly to admit defeat, but I don't wish to be removed from the MoFo feed and I know they insist that we continually post, otherwise what is the point of Vegan Month of Food? I am sure, however, that the good folks at MoFo HQ had other blog posts in mind besides failed recipe ones.

Will write soon; it has been a long day.


  1. Hey, THANK YOU for all these great MoFo recipes.
    Every artist has days where things just don't go their way.
    You will overcome, we have faith in you!

  2. Support team!!! You rock!! Thanks very much! Hint to you two: I hate making sweets and meatloaf is a challenge... although I think I figured out what I did wrong as soon as I did it. With both of them... I hope...


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