Mar 20, 2021

spring equinox - winter wrap up

Hello, hello Dear Readers! Happy Spring Equinox!

Since it is the end of the season, I am releasing my third free meatless, vegetarian and vegan zine, this one for Winter 2021. You can head to the  ** free zine **  page above (Link HERE) and download your zines for free. Printing instructions are in the pdfs; it is an easy way to have fast and easy recipes at your fingertips.

I am listing the past season's post in order of popularity, as indicated by page hits. Thus they are:

1. Kettle Goulash came  in at the top of the heap! And that makes sense, because this Hungarian classic is rich and delicious - and really easy to make. 

2. One Pot Chili Mac is a Dump Dinner and I love it! I love chili mac as it is, and making it into a Dump Dinner is the answer I didn't know I was looking for. A lot of people thought so, too, as it was the second most popular this season.

3. Pot Roast Charcuterie  was a wonderful weekend meal that brought the family together. I know it might seem like we should all eat a meal together every day, with four adults in the house, even that is asking for a lot. Once a month will do me fine, given how quickly time flies, anyway.   

4. Mexican Breakfast Burrito was a terrific way to start our day - even though it lead to some heated sweet potato debate. Of course, we were debating as we were eating.  

5. Stroganoff Burrito was an interesting way to serve Stroganoff and it truly worked! This one is packed with mushrooms and sauce.  

6. I was very excited to share Knoephla Dumpling Soup with you! If this rich and hearty soup slipped by you, make sure to get it on your menu. Simply delicious.   

7. I was a little surprised to find that Indian Butter Seitan was not more popular. I know its meat equivalent is certainly so - and this version is so easy and tastes so amazing. I do hope more folks catch it on the rebound. 

8. Tex-Mex Tortilla Bake is most definitely a dump dinner and very tasty, indeed! It's fast, healthy, easy and tasty - not much more to it than that. 

9. Sausage and Butternut Squash Stew is definitely the sleeper of the recipes. I know the butternut squash part of it can throw some people, but I promise - if you try it, you won't be disappointed. 

10. Stromboli  can be many things - you can make it like a pizza, with sauce and cheese, or make it like a hoagie that is baked. I went for a combo of the two with this one. 

11. One Pot Tetrazzini was as close as we are getting to a dump dinner, but because some attention was needed, I didn't feel right casting it as a Dump Dinner. Still, very easy, fast and delicious.

12. And the new kid on the block is Pot Pie Pizza . As the name implies, it is a combination of a pot pie with pizza. Another perfect winter dish. 

Along the season I shared some staple recipe with you: Simple Seitan Loaf, Savory Tofu and Savory Soy Curls

The only thing left to do is get the pdf, figure out what you haven't made, yet, and start creating your menu. 

For more inspiration, see the Winter Solstice - Fall Wrap-up HERE.


Download Winter 2021 zine HERE

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  1. Love this great wrap up and zine! Coming into colder days here, so I am ready to get cosy.

    1. I'm a sucker for colder days. It might not seems to being in San Diego, but I do believe there are a lot more cooler than warmer days. Or am I just fooling myself? Hope all is well with you!!


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