Jan 2, 2011

leek- parsnip soup

We all know of Leek-Potato Soup, but how about using something other than potato? Any white vegetable would be fine here, but I had parsnips delivered in my CSA and that sounded scrumptious to substitute for the potato.

Of course, if you don't mind changing the color of the soup, substitute whatever vegetable you have available; I can't think of anything that would clash with an onion (leek).

The parsnip worked really well with the leeks and the added chives as a garnish gave it a wonderful garlic accent. Very easy, quick and delicious.

Cost Breakdown

parsnip: $3
leek, garlic: $4
chives: $.50
vegetable broth: $1
Total to make 5 main servings:


  1. I get tired of the same old potato leek soup. This is a good mix up.

  2. Haven't used parsnips in soup, but this recipe really looks like it'd be great.

  3. The parsnip must add a really tasty and subtle sweetness to this soup. I've been getting a ton of leeks and parsnips in my CSA and I'm pretty sure my family will revolt if I make them eat parsnip potato mash one more time, even though I love it! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Know how you feel, Tender Branson!

    Thanks, Kathy.

    A pleasure, Ms. WhitePlates.

    Thanks, Norah!


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