Jan 31, 2011

vegetable stew with herb dumplings

Meatless Monday

I've decided to jump on the Meatless Monday bandwagon! Even though this is a vegan blog, I want it to be easier for all people to have access to simple and quick veg food without any of the 'quirky' vegan pantry items - such as nutritional yeast, agar, etc. Just easy, accessible veg recipes, that also happen to taste great.

With my new theme in mind, tonight's meal of Vegetable Stew with Dumplings is just that - quick, easy and accessible. This is a very flexible recipe that uses whatever vegetables you have on hand, including onions, celery and carrots, but can certainly (and should) include seasonal vegetables such as winter squash and root veggies.

The dumpling part is also easy since you can use a pre-made Bisquick-type of mix, or just make your own, using the recipe I have provided.

The adobo sauce (which comes out of the canned chipotle in adobo) is in every grocery store since the chipotle craze hit the culinary world a few years ago. The sauce gives you a little kick - not as much as adding a whole chipotle would - but also gives it a wonderful smoky flavor, which is also accented by the use of smoked paprika (if available) as well.
(Thanks for all your smokey ideas, Tami! American Vegan Kitchen has opened my eyes to using both chipotles and smoked paprika. Love it!)

No need to be vegetarian, vegan or even a cook for this one.

Cost Breakdown

onion, celery, carrot, garlic: $1
vegetables: $4
(I used parsnip, celery root, butternut squash, turnip)
legumes: $1
(I used peas)
chipotle in adobo sauce: $.25
spices, herbs: $1
flour, coconut oil, nondairy milk: $2

Total to make 5 servings:


  1. This looks seriously delicious!

  2. wow, this looks great. you could also do this with frozen dumplings right? we get them from the asian grocery, but they don't have the flavor combo of this dish. as always, this meal looks fantastic, thanks for sharing.

    i'm hosting a Gardein giveaway on my blog today. you should check it out if you're interested. they have great veggie protein products. cheers

  3. Looks great I can't get enough of beany stews at the moment, I'm addicted! The dumplings are a cute add on, thanks!!

  4. Great flavors! And I love that you put herbs in the dumplings!

  5. Thanks, Celyn!

    vtkitchen, the asian dumplings would work as long as they are the dough kind, not the wonton wrapper kind. I haven't seen these so I am shooting from the hip! If they are, yes, indeed, they would work just as well and you wouldn't need to fuss to make them from scratch - although it really isn't too complicated. You might be surprised.

    Thanks for visiting!

  6. Thanks, foodblogandthedog and Tiffany. The herbs do boost the flavor in the dumplings, which otherwise would be just a ball of dough.
    And just add whatever legumes you like to this - in fact, sub some of the veggies for the beans.

    Thanks for visiting!

  7. Hi - I can't see where to use the two cups of non dairy milk mentioned in the first set of ingredients?? I'm making it without them for now, but just wondered.

  8. Anonymous - thanks, I fixed it. Next time if you see a problem, I group my ingredients according to when I add them to recipe, so although please let me know, you can safely make the recipe with that knowledge.

    Thanks much!


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