Feb 1, 2011

stir-fried beans with bitter greens

Asian Night

Stir-frying green beans is commonly done, but how often do you come across stir-frying legumes?

Another really easy and quick meal, this stir-fry of aduki beans and vegetables was wonderfully delicious. I used asparagus, yellow pepper, and a bunch of rapini. I love rapini's bitter flavor and it was complemented especially well with the sweetness of the beans and peppers. You, of course, can use whatever greens you personally love.

The whole stir-fry took at the maximum of ten minutes to cook, so, again, make sure you have all the components of the dish at hand. And start cooking your brown rice before you start prepping everything else so it can all come together at the same time.

Cost Breakdown

onion, garlic, chili pepper: $1
asparagus, yellow pepper: $2
aduki beans: $2
rapini, green onions: $3
tamari, sugar, sesame oil: $.50
rice: $1
Total to make 4 servings:


  1. This sounds wonderful, except we don't eat asparagus during the winter when we can't get the locally grown. Can you suggest a substitute that will work as well or almost as well?

  2. Imadden42, green beans would work great as well as winter squash.

    The squash you would need to either julienne (match-stick size and shape) or small dice. You would also need to add about 1/4 c of water or broth and cover the pan to cook the squash before adding the tamari/sugar/sesame oil. Depending on the size you cut the squash, it should be done in 5-10 minutes.

    Use about 2-3c of either. I used 5 spears in my stir-fry and I was trying to picture how many cups that came to after I sliced them.

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