Feb 16, 2011

vegan mcMuffin (January 29)


It is the battle of the Benedicts vs. McMuffins at our house every time someone requests an egg-y dish, namely David wanting Benedict. The kids are getting a little tired of it and would rather have a McMuffin type of sandwich instead of the upscale version that is the Benedict. For me it is easier to make the sandwich than make Hollandaise sauce as well, but invariable I make both. What a push-over I am.

This time, I made a sausage-tofu-McMuffin. I like using the Gimme Lean version of sausage because it is good, it is lean (the name says so) and it fits on a sandwich perfectly. I just slice it, compress it a bit so it fits on the English Muffin even better and pan sear it until golden brown.

I make the tofu just as I do for the Benedict, then add some Daiya (or not), veganaise (or not) and a slice of tomato (or not). The kids get their sandwich and David gets his Benedict.

Cost Breakdown:

tofu: $2
English Muffin: $2
Gimme Lean: $3
veganaise, Daiya, tomato: $1.50
spices, nutritional yeast: $.50
Total to make 6 sandwiches:


  1. I don't think I've ever had the original but I am drawn to all the remakes. Looks great.

  2. Thanks, Tender Branson! You are very lucky (smart!) to never have had the original. Tofu is sooo much better in this and if Ray Croc would have made *this* the original, I would have been much happier!


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