Feb 3, 2011

romanian potato patties

European/Potato Night

Romanian Potato Patties. These are similar to a knish or aloo tikki in the sense that all three are mashed potatoes. This version sautes veggies - cauliflower, carrots, onion, garlic - and green peas and mixes it into the mashed potatoes. The mixture is shaped into patties which are then pan sauteed and served with a very simple tomato sauce.

I like the idea of these patties because I used flax seed meal to bind the potatoes (which they probably did not need, but the addition of flax to anything is golden in my mind) and there are lots of vegetables incorporated into them. In fact, you don't have to use my combo of veggies, just use about 2 cups worth of any vegetables chopped fine. 

This made vegetable eating easier for my oldest daughter who actually picks out minced bell peppers from anything. However, she doesn't mind overtly much when vegetables are encased in her favorite vegetable, the potato. Or I might be deluding myself.

The tomato sauce in this recipe was ready in about 10 minutes and was needed to complete the dish, so don't omit it.

When using flax seeds, use golden flax seeds when making a dish that will be light in color (potatoes, cookie dough without chocolate, light smoothie). It makes the finished product look prettier than using the dark seeds.
If you care.

Cost Breakdown

potatoes: $1.50
flax: $.25
onion, garlic: $.75
tomato: $2
cauliflower, carrot, peas: $3
Total to make 25 patties:


  1. I love potato patties. These look absolutely wonderful. And I agree about the flax seed.

  2. Flax seed in the potato patties, what an easy way to squeeze them into the diet. These patties have a great color.

  3. Oh, what a wonderful dish. I love throwing flax seeds in everything I possibly can, but I find that the flavor is masked more in dessert dishes. Whenever I've used them in savory dishes I've always had the taste dominate. Do you find that to be the case?

  4. Thanks Mihl and Tender Branson!

    Nope, veggietestkitchen, I have not had a problem with the flax dominating. It might have to do with how much I put in though. This recipe calls for 3 T ground, I belive? I'll have to look at my notes but I don't believe i used more than that for the 1.5 pounds of potatoes I used.

  5. recipe coming when...????????

  6. Probably a stupid question but the flax should be ground right? The recipe didn't say. I'm assuming yes but I thought I would check.

  7. Hi Elfwench,
    Flax meal is ground flax seeds. Thanks for asking for clarification. And thanks so much for visiting!


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