Jan 3, 2012


When Tami, over at Vegan Appetite and author of American Vegan Kitchen, posted a contest for PaPa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food, I knew there was no way I was going to wait to just lose in the contest, so I hurried over to Kittee's blog to grab her zine. Besides, I knew I was going to have to have it, so I didn't want to take the chance away from someone else.

I love, love, love Ethiopian food and the complete lack of a vegan cookbook on the topic was depressing. Until this little zine came along.

She covers how to throw your own Ethiopia food party and gives you all the essential recipes to start cooking your Badookie off. 

She has a gluten-free injera, (flat-bread), recipe, the niter kibbeh, (flavorful cooking fat), recipe and a berbere paste recipe. It's all here to get you started. 

I made the injera, niter kibbeh (you can't skip it), dinich siquar allecha (sweet potatoes), ye'miser w'et (red lentils in spicy stew), and ye'takelt w'et (mixed vegetables in spicy stew). It was all amazing! The two w'ets used the same red spicy gravy, but they were still distinct enough that they were able to stand on their own. 

All vegan, all Ethiopian and all gluten-free. And leftovers? Just as amazing. But, like Kittee says, don't even entertain for a second to have it with rice. Although I've erred in the past regarding this, I now concur.

Dinich Siquar Allecha (Sweet Potatoes)

Ye'Takelt W'et (Mixed Veg in Spicy Gravy)

Ye'miser W'et (Red Lentils in Spicy Gravy) with Selata (Salad)


  1. That sounds wonderful. I love Ethiopian food as well. I have a copy of Papa Tofu, but I haven't cooked from it much. Still, I would really like to get my hands on that new zine.

  2. I'm not sure what was in her first zine. This one, while pretty simple, is delicious. The dishes aren't that complicated to make, as long as you have a few key ingredients. Just the fact that it is Ethiopian and vegan was enough for me :)

  3. Kittee's tips to chop up a ton of onions before you get cooking is a lifesaver. That makes the dishes come together way easier.

    Gorgeous photos of that fantastic food, VA!

  4. Agreed, she has some great tips in the zine! The onions are one of them. Thanks, Tami!

  5. Like your, I got the zine as soon as Tami reviewed it.
    Reading your post has me motivated to dive in and make a few dishes.
    The photos are great!

  6. Thanks, in2insight! Go for it; the food is amazing!

  7. All these options look delicious. I am saving these to try out!

  8. Wow, you braved the injera! Well done. I made a quicker version and I've done some of the other stuff but not got round to blogging it yet. That zine is one of my favourite things about 2011.

  9. oh man. thanks for such a great review! if you have any interest, it would be awesome to have your photos included in the flickr group.


    so glad you liked everything! folks have been skipping out on the injera, so i'm happy to hear yours was successful.


  10. My pleasure, Kittee :)

    The injera is a must and not to be feared (to all the folks who are missing out)!


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