Jan 12, 2012

"grills gone vegan"

I have been doing a bit of testing for Tami Noyes' upcoming "Grills Gone Vegan" cookbook. Since Chicago has just had its first snowfall of the season today, what better way to look forward to the summer than by showing everyone the upcoming summer festivities we will have to enjoy: Grilling! Vegan Grilling!

This book will be a must have. This is the only decent vegan cookbook on the subject and I cannot even see summer grilling without out.

First up is Poblano Bruschetta. Lightly spicy.

Then Roasted Corn Chowder. Sweet with a little smokiness.

And finally, Pesto Tomatoes. She will also have a pasta option for this classic. 

And just because I care about your feelings and don't want to see anyone hurting for something that they just can't have yet, here is a not-such-a-tease recipe: Cajun Pot Pie from her American Vegan Kitchen cookbook - which I know you all have. 
If not, here is another reason to get it.



  1. I recently made the Cajun Pot Pie and it was amazing! I am looking forward to seeing her new book.

  2. Funny and true, every time I see the name of Tami's new masterpiece, it looks like "Girls...".
    Somehow, that makes me chuckle.

    The Cajun Pot Pie looks delish, and am going to be making it this weekend.
    For the sake of the love handles, I make make it crust free.

  3. Jenn, me, too - I can hardly wait to just be able to tell people that it is available :)

    in2insight, she hasn't told me whether or not it is a play on "Girls Gone..," but I think it is brilliant... makes me smile, too! If you make it crust free, maybe you should make the sauce thinner (add more broth, re - season) and have it like a stew. Ya' know...those love-handles :)

  4. Well, it was a success! Thank you for the great idea to make this into a stew.
    So so flavorful, and comforting. Good amount of spicy kick too.


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