Jan 10, 2012

manhattan chowder

It keeps astounding me that my daughter, who is an absolute mushroom-phobe, continues to ask for this soup - a soup that is laden with oyster mushrooms. 

Unlike its counterpart, New England Clam Chowder, Manhattan Chowder, the 'red one,' as it was commonly referred to at "Captain's Nook," a seafood restaurant my parents owned in Hollywood, FL, is not cream based, but tomato based. 

Mikel loves the New England Chowder and Catt digs this one. Not difficult to make and quite delicious, especially with some saltine crackers. Old Bay, a popular seafood seasoning, and seaweed make another appearance in this soup, as it is my habit of including them in anything that requires seafood - sans the animals. 

The mushrooms are a great touch, giving the soup a more 'clam-y' texture, but it can be ignored or another mushroom subbed. We adore oyster mushrooms at our house (well, at least those who actually eat any mushrooms at all), and if it isn't Manhattan Chowder that gets 'em, then it'd be the Po' Boys. Lucky for Catt we recently had Po Boys and it was her turn at the coveted 'shroom.

Cost Breakdown

oyster mushrooms: $6
oil, garlic: $.75
onion, celery, carrot, green pepper: $2
roasted tomatoes: $2.50
spices, Tabasco, seasoning: $.75
seaweed: $.75
potatoes: $1
Total to make 8 servings:


  1. Kids will forever surprise you. You're lucky yours have great taste!

  2. What is your recommended vegan Worcestershire?

    This looks so bright with the the green peppers and roasted tomatoes. Manhattan was always my favorite.

  3. Thanks, Tami. It is true, even with all the finickiness, they at the very least try new things. It's sort of been ingrained in them. They don't have to eat it, but they do have to try everything with an open mind. At least we ask them to have an open mind :) And we also do not ask them to try something they absolutely hate (yikes, strong word, I know!) - like Mikel hates raw tomatoes and will not be asked to give them a go.

    Mary, I use Annie's Natural Organic, but I have been known to buy whatever is available or on sale (we move around the U.S. a lot). I sincerely hope you like this recipe and it meets some of your expectations. If you are looking for more seafood-flavor, add as much seaweed as your palate likes. We are a little seaweed cautious here and like a hint of it, but nothing quite obviously seaweed-y.
    Thanks for visiting!


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