Jan 5, 2012


My dad's dream was to live in New York City and introduce Lángos to the people of America. In fact, he always said that if he could just let people taste this Hungarian street food, he could make millions! I'm pretty sure it was this and his desire for a BMW that kept him going for so many years. My parents owned and operated more than a dozen restaurants throughout our lifetime, even one in New York, but, unfortunately my dad never did get his Big Wish granted. Which is a shame, since  Lángos is so amazing.

It is a savory doughnut, so to speak. The dough is made with flour and a little mashed potato. After being fried, it is seasoned with salt, rubbed with raw garlic and eaten with a drizzle or dollop of sour cream. This is not everyday food, but one that I remember having on New Year's Day and maybe at another time during the year. 

And so it goes at our house as well. The kids will begin mentioning their desire for it months before it is actually made. Not that it is hard to make; on the contrary, after the dough rises, it is stretched into a thin disk and deep fried. Nothing complicated about it. Since it isn't health food, however, it has become an annual or semi-annual indulgence. 
Worth every delicious, garlicky bite.


  1. I've never heard of these and now I have to try them!How cool to carry on a family tradition. :)

  2. Oh, there's a Hungarian cafe here in town that serves those. I even e-mailed to ask them about the ingredients, so intrigued I was. Awaiting the recipe eagerly!

  3. I never heard someone describe langos as a savoury donut, by the way.I always referred to it as fried bread. But your comparison totally makes sense! Anyway, I love this stuff so much!

  4. Wow these almost look like the Italian zeppolis. Love your dad's dreams. I came over here to catch up and Congratulate you on making Isa and PPK's top 100. So well deserved!! Way to go!

  5. Oh, Gigi! Thank you so much! I was just as excited (dare I say more?)

    Mihl, you are so right! It is a fried bread, lol! My kids have been calling it a 'donut' for the longest time (I guess because some of them make it sweet by adding powdered sugar and jam) and it stuck!

    Liz, the original recipe has milk. Not the vegan kind. Nice if they didn't near you, though!

    Thanks, Tami. You should try them. We are addicted.


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