meat pies

Our family's most favorite musical is "Sweeney Todd" with Johnny Depp and Helena-Bonham Carter. Although Kate, 11, hasn't seen it, yet, we all love listening to the CD in the car and at home. For those unfamiliar with this classic (having been a musical on stage for decades), it is about a barber who is after vengeance against the man who destroyed his family, to put it mildly. Having gone a bit mental, he begins to kill his customers and baking them into meat pies. Yum. The song, 'Try the Priest,' is magical.

Every time I make pocket pies with veggie-meat, it reminds me of Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies and I want to burst out it dance and song whilst baking.

The recipe uses the Flaky Biscuit dough for the crust, with added parsley (very easy), and a wonderful mixture of Boca burgers, minced, and broccoli in a thick, creamy gravy. If you use burgers, please remember to saute them before you use them - otherwise they gets a little mushy. The broccoli needs to be minced fine, as well, so you don't have huge chunks sticking out at all angles.

I've made these many times, and while not a low-fat food because of the Earth Balance in the dough, it sure is flaky, crispy and tasty!

Cost Breakdown

flour, Earth Balance, milk: $3
Boca, broccoli: $5
onion, garlic, mustard: $1
spices: $1
Total to make 14 pies:


  1. VA- If you get a chance, you have to watch the DVD of Sweeny Todd with Angela Lansbury and George Hearn. It is OUTSTANDING!

    These "meat" pockets sound great, and I think that a Sweeny Todd weekend with food is in order! :)

  2. Yes! Perfect for Sweeny Todd. I'll have to make these and have a showing.

  3. in2insight - We've listened to the CD with Angela and George, but I wasn't aware they had it on video. Thanks! We'll have to find it!

    Tender Branson - great idea!

  4. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0013Z7RUC/ref=olp_prime_new?ie=UTF8&shipPromoFilter=1&sort=sip&me=&seller=&condition=new

    Netflix does not have it yet for some reason.

  5. Thanks, in2insight...

    and thank you, Amy!