Apr 8, 2011

tamale pie

Continental Night

Tamales are a beautiful thing!
But, they are not quick and easy to make!
You need to make the batter and spread it onto some kind of cooking pouch: corn husks, banana leaves or even just parchment paper. Then each one has to have a filling, each needs to be wrapped and cooked. This takes time. And while the whole endeavour is worth all the work - especially for a special occasion - for everyday eating a Tamale Pie makes more practical sense.

The dough is masa harina with seasoning and non-dairy milk. It is then spread into a pie plate and baked until it is a little dry. Do not over bake it, since it won't have that wonderful tender texture - it'll be dry and crispy. Add some filling - in this case a black bean and tomato mixture - and a bit of Daiya or other vegan cheese, bake for a few more minutes and enjoy with guacamole, vegan sour cream or salsa.

Cost Breakdown

masa harina, spices: $1.50
milk, Daiya: $4
black beans, tomatoes: $3
onion, garlic, pepper: $1
Total to make 8 servings (2 pie plates):

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  1. SO excited for this recipe! Looks delicious, I love tamales but not so much all the work!


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