Apr 6, 2011


Late in the posting, but this was an after-St. Patrick Day Reuben. I decided to follow Tami's lead from American Vegan Kitchen and make Reubens after I made Corned Seitan.
(Incidentally, she has announced that she is writing her new cookbook!)

Not really much to say about Reubens...except that they are divine! In fact, I made this for the Vegetarian (Vegan) Workshops I conducted at my homeschooling conference a few weeks ago. It was well received and I was excited to have presented to a few chefs, a few vegans and others in various stages toward vegetarianism. Attending the workshop hopefully fueled their fire, sparked their interest and added to their arsenal of nutritional knowledge.

 A healthy, informed vegan is one that stays vegan!

There are four sandwiches in the picture below and not a single one was left over. If you haven't made a Reuben yet, you are missing out. Make your seitan a few days before or a few weeks before (and freeze it). That way you just need to assemble the sandwich. Make The Radical Reuben and skip the peppers and onions if you want.

Cost Breakdown

bread: $2
seitan: $3
Daiya: $2
1,000 Island sauce (homemade): $1
sauerkraut: $1
Total to make 4 sandwiches:


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