Oct 9, 2010


It is interesting how this blog has taken over my menu for the past few months. I found myself not repeating recipes because I wanted to keep things fresh and new. 

The family was getting annoyed with me. So I have acquiesced and will be repeating dishes they enjoy. In a way, I guess it is beneficial to my readers as well since I do make dishes again and again, showing how much we enjoy them. A glance second time around might give someone that extra nudge to make it anyway or to finally get around to making it. 

With that in mind, I made BLT's - a true family favorite and very easy to make, especially if you've made it a few times before and know the method. To make things easier, I also made a How-To Breakdown for the 'Bacon.'

If there is anyone out there who can come with a name for this, I would be grateful. David has been calling it ToBacon for as long as I can remember, but it sounds too much like Toe-Bacon for my taste :)

Cost Breakdown:
tofu: $2
nutritional yeast: $.50
liquid smoke, tamari: $.50
bread: $3
tomato, lettuce: $2
veganaise: $.50
Total to feed a family of 5:



  1. I know what you mean, my husband keeps saying we should have that thing we made last month....but there is always something new I want to try..like this recipe, sounds great!

  2. I definately want to try this. I was taking a look at the store bought vegitarian bacon at the grocery today but I can't eat it because it contains egg white. This sounds pretty good and very healthy. I'd probably have to omit the liquid smoke because that stuff just doesn't like me but the tamari and nutritional yeast sounds good.

  3. Thanks, Tiffany - I do hope you do!

    JillyAn, my son does not like the smoke either, so I make a batch for him without the smoke.

  4. Thanks for the recipe. I'm always scouring for ways to make "bacon" because I haven't found one I like yet.


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