Oct 24, 2010


It is David's birthday week and he had run of the menu for this weekend and next week.

Almost always requested is Benedict, but since I've made it twice for this blog already, I wanted to make it differently. Instead of regular "Canadian Bacon" and Hollandaise Sauce, I decided to make it with Vegan Chorizo and Chipotle Hollandaise.

Although one would expect it to be ubber spicy, it had just enough spice to make it delicious and different.

Another difference with this Benedict post is that I made a How-To Breakdown for Benedict. If you choose to make it as a regular Benedict, I included appropriate instructions.

Cost Breakdown:
tofu: $2
nutrtional yeast, spices: $1
English Muffin: $3
Chorizo: $3
veganaise, lemon, Dijon, turmeric: $2
Total to make 12 Benedicts:


  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your blog, I really enjoy it and have tried a few of your recipes with great success. I live in New Zealand and have trouble getting prepared vegan products so have some trouble with some other vegan blogs that heavily rely on them. I used to live in the US and remember fondly the good old days of veganaise, tofurky, soy creamer, soy cheese, etc, etc.....right at my fingertips:)
    Anyway thank you so much, awesome blog and good looking food. Good-on-ya!

  2. I have to agree, benidict is my fav breakfast in the world! I just recently tried Soyrizo, it was surprisingly yummy. Not as spicy as pork chorizo.

  3. Thank you, Tanya! Great to know that this blog is some use! You and Gwen make two at least and that is well worth it. I know how frustrating it is being somewhere that those convenient options are not available. Please let me know if you need a good veganaise-copycat recipe.


    Yup, I got the same flavor from soyrizo - not as spicy and I am a spice lover - it is the Hungarian in me. I have to tame it for the family, though. Hope you enjoyed it anyway :)


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