Oct 13, 2010

leek and potato soup

A simple recipe originally from Julia Child, who I am sure received it by way of some French chef, this Leek and Potato soup is the epitome of simplicity.

This is a tried and true dish of leeks and potatoes and a little almond milk to finish it, if desired.

Use only the white parts of the leeks to maintain the crisp color and fry the light green leek parts as garnish. I also put a little Better Than Sour Cream on my photo, but it certainly does not require it.

You can leave this soup rustic or blend it to give it a smooth consistency.

A beautiful fall soup.

Cost Breakdown
leeks: $4
potatoes: $3
Total to feed 8 people a soup course:


  1. I'm a big fan of leek soup too, don't make it as often as I want since no one else in the family likes it :(

  2. Just leeks, potatoes and almond milk. Can't get any simpler (or better) than that. Soup season is quickly approaching here.

  3. My daughter and I love potato soup and this looks like a good one. I agree with Branson - simplicity is nice!

  4. Indeed, Tender Branson and Marly!

    Gringarl, I'm sorry no one else in your family likes it! I make a big batch and freeze what we don't eat in single packages. Perhaps you too can do that and have it when others are doing something else.

  5. Nothing better than leek and potato soup. Since I'm sick right now, it sounds heavenly. Oh I wish I had a bowl.


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