Oct 20, 2010

grilled halloween sandwich

Continuing with the Halloween theme, here is a sandwich not quite so original or banking on the taste buds, although the kids enjoyed them!

The most difficult part was to get the kids to wait long enough for the Daiya to melt properly. Obviously, they couldn't. I'm sure the cheeze would have melted much better. As it is, I hope the idea of a pumpkin form can be discerned. 

Just take a pumpkin cookie cutter and cut out the shape. Then grill the bread to a golden brown and long enough to melt the Daiya. Follow Your Heart might be more difficult to melt here because the bread  might burn before the cheeze melts, unless you melt it first and then spread on the sandwich and lastly toast it under a broiler.

Cost Breakdown:
bread: $2
Daiya: $2
Yves cold cuts: $2
Tofurkey: $2
green pepper pieces for the stem: .$25
Total to make 5 sandwiches:

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