Sep 28, 2010

mexican snickerdoodles - gluten free

Not only did I bake cookies that were gluten, nut, dairy and egg free, but I also made them without bean flour! I would love to take the credit, but Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar by Moskowitz and Romero beat me to it. They use a combo of coconut flour, white rice flour, millet flour, cornstarch and flax meal to sub for the gluten.

I love it! No bean flour.

I made the Mexican Snickerdoodles out of the book and while they say to sub the GF flour on a one to one ratio, I found that the batter needed a little more. Next time I will try refrigerating the batter for a bit since coconut flour absorbs liquid very well and giving it some time might help.

The cayenne pepper in the batter was a little too much for the kids, though, so if you are planning on making them with kids in mind, skip the cayenne. I had made two batches for my group, in case the pepper was too spicy.

The kids loved them and I had no complaints. I'm loving this book :)

Cost Breakdown:
coconut, rice flour, millet flour: $2
cornstarch: $.50
maple syrup, cocoa powder: $1.50
sugar, oil, baking soda: $1.50
Total to make 24 cookies:


  1. Nice my wife's favorite cookies are Snickerdoodles I will have to show these to her.

  2. I really need to pick up that book. I have two --no, three-- others of Isa's and I love them.

  3. They sound and look really yum. I have never had a Snickerdoodle before yet alone a Mexican gluten and egg free one! Going to have to fix that and make these little sweeties!

  4. They look fantastic! And gluten free recipes often need more flour than if you were using wheat.

  5. Snickerdoodles are so good - I bet the cayenne pepper is a great kick! Sounds like a great cookbook to work with :)

  6. Oooh, what a cool idea for snickerdoodles! They look delicious!

  7. Wow--pretty impressive. I'll check them out!


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