Sep 2, 2010

stuffed poblano

It is summer and peppers are abundant! A few weeks ago I watched a Guy Fieri show where he was roasted peppers in the oven. I usually roast them on the stove over the open flame, but tonight I chose to do it Guy's way. Bad idea. I remember he mentioning that you have to be careful not to overcook them since the flesh of the pepper will sort of 'disapear.' Well, I overcooked them! I had to toss the peppers and start again.

Roasting them on the stove makes you keep an eye on them and they are ready fast and don't overcook, just char properly because you must stay by their side and consistently turn them.

I stuffed these poblanos with sauteed pinto beans and kale with sofrito. The sofrito I made a few weeks ago from the Viva Vegan! cookbook and it was still in the fridge.

I made a sauce for the peppers using aji amarillos - dried yellow peppers- carrots, onions, herbs, and to thicken it, cashew milk. I added roasted pumpkin seeds for crunch.

Cost Breakdown:
peppers: $5
kale: $3
pinto: $2
carrot, onion, garlic, herbs: $1.50
pumpkin seeds, cashew: $1.50
rice: $1
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. These sound very tasty. I love how versatile stuffed peppers can be!

  2. Thanks, Danasfoodforthought! It is pepper season, my garden and CSA tellme, so the more stuffed peppers, the better :)

  3. I've had the same experience roasting poblanos in the oven. The skin and the meat practically melted togther. I'll do the stove next time!


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