Sep 17, 2010

banana bread

Catriona made banana bread today! NO EGGS REQUIRED, people. Bananas are naturally binding, so eggs are superfluous, no matter how you spin it.

These were delicious, not too sweet and not too banana-y. Man, we have a lot of different taste buds to satisfy in this house! 

These were spot on and now Cat knows how to make a darn fine banana bread. Kate wants to add chocolate chips to them when she makes them and I think Mikel wants to make them into muffins. They both sound great and I am looking forward to what these kids will come up.

Cost Breakdown:
banana: $.75
whole wheat flour: $.50
maple syrup, sugar: $.50
baking powder, almond milk: $1
Total for 8 servings:


  1. I'll have to try this. I love how simple it seems. I don't even have to buy anything :)

  2. This is genius. I can't wait to send this recipe to my cousin.

  3. Yum! I love banana bread. This version sounds really good!

  4. This looks awesome! Way to go Cat. Sounds like you have a budding baker there!

  5. Thanks everyone! The recipe is posted and don't forget to add those optional chocolate chips. Oh, well, even if you do, I'm sure my kids won't :)

    Thanks, JillyAn - I will pass on your praise.

  6. I've tried to tell people for years that eggs in banana bread aren't necessary and in fact create an inferior product. Great looking bread.


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