Sep 2, 2010

pasta puttanesca

We had Italian tonight.

I made Pasta Puttanesca alla Vegan. Literally it means 'pasta of the streetwalker,' to be kind. It is traditionally a salty and tangy dish of olives, tomatoes, anchovy, olive oil and garlic.

I replaced the anchovy with miso (an idea from Bryanna Clark Grogan) and skipped on the olive oil - I am reducing my family's processed fat intake - olive oil included. That does not mean that olives are off the cutting board since olives are a whole food.

I used to be conservative with the processed fat in our diet, moving it completely out of our kitchen, but since I started the blog, I've noticed it has crept back in. I am not opposed to whole fat - nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut - but the processed stuff we can do without.

The pasta is a brown rice spaghetti. This is such a simple, quick and flavorful dish.
 I love it and wish my family received it a little better.

Cost Breakdown:
tomato: $3
pasta: $3
olive, miso, capers: $3
bread: $3
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. have you tried cold pressed extra virgin olive oil? Great puttanesca, I just had some the other night at Pasta Bar. I'll try making it myself now.

  2. I went to go double check - that is indeed the kind I have and use. I made the comment about the oil we eat because I read too much!

    I read the "The Engine 2 Diet" and it made sense that fat in itself is not bad (in fact, we couldn't live without any fat), but when you remove the fat from a food, you only eat the fat and not the whole food - so you only eat the olive oil not the olive or the sunflower oil and not the sunflower seed; you get the idea. So I am trying to limit the intake of oil, while getting the kids to eat more nuts, seeds and fatty fruits (there's a weird statement!), avocado, olives - I'm sure there's more...

    What is your take on this? I know you are in "the biz" and may have another view point.


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