Sep 14, 2010

baked corn dogs

We had a package of veggie dogs just itching to morph into Corn Dogs. It is almost impossible to find corn dogs that are egg free, so we have to make our own. We used to make the corn dogs by deep frying them, but that was a long time ago.

Now we bake them in a Twinkie pan. I bet the Twinkie people never thought their pans would be used for such good work!

The idea for this originates, for me at least, with Jennifer McCann of Vegan Lunch Box fame, so my kids send out warm appreciation to her. My son's only gripe is that I haven't actually made a vegan Twinkie in said pan. I keep promising it'll happen one day...

Cost Breakdown:
dogs: $3
corn meal, whole wheat flour: $1
maple syrup, oil, almond milk:  $2
Total to make 8 corn dogs:


  1. wow a twinkie pan? I don't believe I've ever seen these. An awesome way to have baked corn dogs :)

  2. Ooh! What a great idea! We always have 'dogs' in the fridge and I hadn't ever thought of morphing them... I will surely give it a try :) Great job!


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