May 30, 2010

basil stuffed shells

 Happy Birthday, Mikel

For his Birthday Lunch I made Basil Stuffed Shells, Two Ways. Basil Ricotta, and Bolognese Ricotta. I cooked the pasta sauce for 4 hours, easy to do if you get it on in the morning and stir every now and then. I made the Bolognese adapted from Nonna's Italian Kitchen by Bryanna Clark Grogan, which we have used for Lasagna recipes for the past six years. This was an awesome variation on that recipe, using my Basil Ricotta as a base
They both turned out exquisite.

Mikel's cake was the Portal Cake.
The Cake is a lie.
Uh,... you have to be 15, and, or a gamer to understand the reference, I'm afraid.


  1. Portal Cake! Ahaha. XD

    Also, those shells look delicious...

  2. I think the cake could have been a little darker, but he wanted me to use almonds - I think it is more chocolate chips, but he was very happy with it, anyway.

    I will publish the recipe for the shells in a bit - it is more involved than the other recipes I have on here, but it was truly excellent; we had it at the lunch party and it was a hit!

  3. Happy belated b-day, Mikel! Dave's b-day is also the 29th : )


  4. Happy belated to Dave, too! I'll pass it on to Mikel :)


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