May 22, 2010


Eggs Benedict used to be a favorite of ours. Using tofu to replace the poached eggs can be a stretch...until this recipe. Now Benedict is a family favorite that gets requested at least once a month. However, since it is not exactly a health-nut recipe, it gets made at most once a month. There are a few tips here: to mimic the experience of eggs, use black salt (Kala Namak), but please only purchase it online if absolutely a must - any Indian market will have it for a fraction of the cost - I think I paid $2 for a bag last week. Second, after pan searing your tofu slices, simmer it just covered with water, some nutritional yeast, turmeric, black salt. Drain before putting it on your Benedict. And lastly, the Canadian bacon can be replaced with anything - Fakin Bakin, Bologna from Yves, Tofurkey - as long as it is given a quick sear in your pan. Sprinkle a little more black salt on the assembled dish since the flavor gets lost somewhat during cooking. No worries, black salt is not sodium; it is potassium.

Update: I have not been able to confirm that black salt is not sodium. In fact, there is dispute on the web since no one has done a chemical analysis on kala namak. Although in India it is used at times for medicinal purposes (as most Indian spices are), there is considerable debate regarding the chloride content. To be on the safe side, treat black salt as regular salt and go easy.

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