May 25, 2010

garlic-lemon, spinach pasta

Whole Foods had this pasta at one point, waay back when. The kids really liked it, so here it is. It is the simple recipes that tend to be the best; really, there is nothing to this one: garlic, pasta, olive oil, lemon, spinach.

I know I've come to the rhubarb party a little late, so I didn't want to make a strawberry-rhubarb right off the bat - although I am sure that is on its way, too, seeing as there are three more bunches in the fridge.
I made a rhubarb-PEACH crumble. Saw the peaches for the first time at Whole Foods yesterday, so why not? I think the kids' favorite part of the Rhubarb-Peach Crumble is the 'crumble.' It is wonderfully sweet, tart and the topping is fabulously crunchy.

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