May 12, 2010

seitan kabobs and patatas bravas

We are still camping.

I had been marinating the kabobs since Friday night, and had half-cooked the potatoes and marinated them as well. At camp, we got the fire going, placed the kabob pieces - seitan, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, elephant garlic, and yellow peppers - in kabob baskets, and grilled them. I highly recommend these baskets; seitan pieces, as well as veg dogs and tofu tend to break apart and fall off the skewers. No more lost tofu to the fire! They should be called 'vegan kabob baskets' as far as I'm concerned. Aldi has them for $1.50 each.

The potatoes were grilled as well, after all, we are camping and B-B-Q-ing, then covered with a spicy tomato sauce I prepared at home. That's right, I tried to prep everything so I wouldn't have to do anything. It worked really well. The kabobs were nicely charred, as you can see in the photo.

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