May 18, 2010

cheeze and spinach enchiladas

This was an absolute hit! With everyone, except my oldest daughter, who does not care for enchiladas or spinach, which removes this dish from the running for her. The rest of us were okay with that, though; more for us! I used half Daiya Cheddar and half Follow Your Heart Mozzarella, shredded, and melted them on the stove, adding the spinach and grilled onions, and a little chili powder. Not only did it melt well, but it tasted creamy and divine. This is a very high 5 stars, only lowered because Daughter Number One doesn't like anything, it seems.



  1. Oh my goodness this looks good.

  2. I made this for my father's 68th birthday party and it was a hit with vegans and non-vegans alike. We could not get Daiya so used two kinds of Follow Your Heart, and put all the cheese inside the enchiladas. The sauce was great.


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