May 21, 2010

georgian potato and seitan filled flat bread

I must admit that this was very close to a knish, but the dough was risen and the filling was outstanding. I diced the seitan and pan-fried it until it was crispy. It was mixed with mashed potatoes that were seasoned with chives and sauteed onions. Everyone thought it was very tasty. Next time I will make some gravy to go with it, but tonight I was sidetracked with making sweets for the kids for tomorrow's end-of-year-party.

Brownies three ways:

Death by Chocolate

Recipes from Sinfully Vegan by Lois Dieterly

... and Almond Toffee Bars


  1. You take beautiful pictures of delicious food. I came across your blog via flickr and I'm very happy I did. I'm looking forward to your future posts!

  2. How cool, Jess! Thank you for your kind words. Let me know if I can answer any food prep questions; I'd be happy to help.


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