Aug 20, 2010

cubano vegano sandwich

Continuing with the Viva Vegan! cook-athon, I made the Cuban sandwich. Kick-butt! The family absolutely loved it and great appreciation was given to Terry Hope Romero.

A very authentic version of the famous Cuban sandwich of mustard, thick bread, sweet pickles and 'pork' (I used soy curls rehydrated in 'checken' like broth, liquid smoke, lime juice, garlic and Whorchestire Sauce because I forgot all about the seitan). Great sandwich!

Cost Breakdown:
bread: $3
soy curls: $3
condiments: $2
Daiya: $2
Total to make 5 sandwiches:


  1. That looks delicious! It's probably one recipe I won't try from Viva Vegan unless I can find some good vegan bread to use.

  2. Although not whole wheat, you should be able to find Italian or French bread vegan, hopefully. Is it hard to locate vegan bread in Australia? If so, have you tried making any?

  3. Hmmmm what a great idea for using Soy Curls! I have 2 bags in the freezer so thanks for the idea as usual :)

    Oh and I also loved your idea to sprinkle black salt on top of the tofu scramble before serving it :) It was so much better and "eggy-er" than just mixing the black salt in... Thanks!

  4. Living in Tampa, I hear a lot about great cubans. I have been seeking out a vegan version. What are soy curls?

  5. Thanks, Amy!

    Tender Branson, Soy Curls are like TVP, but they contain the whole soy not just the defatted part. Including shipping, a bag for me costs about $5. Here is where you can get it:

    After re-hydrating them in Bryanna's Chicken-style broth ( ), sautee them with olive oil and garlic until some are crispy and then squeeze 1/2 of lime at the end. This will give you the mojito-flavor.


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