Aug 2, 2010

raw thai salad

Raw Night

I needed something quick for dinner - I am in the middle of cleaning my house from top to bottom, so this is what I came up with: cucumbers, peeled and sliced into thin strips with the peeler to the middle where the seed  are. I added strips of red pepper, thin slices of red onion and grated a carrot. I made a dressing using a young coconut meat, agave, nama shoyu, lime juice, olive oil, chilies and cilantro. To add some crunch I chopped up some almonds.

This was excellent - I really enjoyed it. Refreshing, cooling for the summer, quick and tasty. The dressing was especially nice - the young coconut is a very mild coconut flavor but just enough.

Cost Breakdown:
cucumber: $3
young coconut: $2
red pepper: $1
carrot, lime, cilantro: $2
almonds: $2
Total to feed a family of 4:


  1. How can you tell if a coconut is young? The salad sounds absolutely delicious!

  2. Hi Sara826,

    A young coconut has on outer shell that is white/yellow. The older ones have a brown outer shell. The young coconut has a lot more coconut water and the meat is very tender - you can get them at Whole Foods or an Asian market - usually known as Thai Coconut.

    There is a picture and how to open the coconut here:

  3. That looks really good. I love the cilantro/chili/lime combo. Excellent flavors!

  4. Golly! Thank you so much, everyone! The flavor combo was great and you should give it a try. If anyone would like a recipe just give me the word and it'll appear.

  5. That sounds delicate! Wow, what a flavor combo. Mm mm mm.

  6. what a wonderful combination of flavors!! congrats on the top 9 today!

  7. Thanks Chef Dennis and Linn! And thanks for visiting.

  8. Deliscious! Another one I can't wait to try! thx! Congrats on
    Top 9 ! p;-)

  9. I know how you feel now, Gwen :))

  10. You go girl! Way to go on this fantastic post and making it to the top! Congratulations! I love young coconut.... love love love it! Congrats again!


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