Aug 31, 2010

sugar cookies

I was all excited to make this very yummy, eggless, sugar cookies! They came out so well, that I am going to freeze a few logs of the dough and have it ready to make cookies when I 'need' to.

Everything was hunky-dory, until the kids arrived for the Preteen Lit Group and I found out that two of them are allergic to gluten! Well, back into the kitchen they went and in two weeks I will be posting gluten-free sweets. I knew this was going to happen at some point, and here it did.

My kids had a grand time having all of the leftover sugar cookies, though, as bad as they felt about the group missing out on them. My kids are well acquainted with going somewhere and everyone else enjoying something while they just get to watch.

Cost Breakdown:
flour: $1
Earth Balance: $1.50
sugar: $.75
Total to make 30 cookies:

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