Aug 7, 2010

chipotle mashed potatoes stuffed portobello

When we first discovered veganism, as I have blogged before, the beginning was not just difficult but very unappetising. Robin Robertson's Vegan Planet was one of the first books that made food delightful at last. Tonight's meal was one of our favorites. So much so that after we first made it we had it at least once a week for many following weeks.

Now there are some culinary critics who report that certain foods are becoming a fading fad- chipotle peppers for one -  but I say it is only a fad if you are following the trends of the day and not your own palate. For me the smoked jalapeno is here to stay no matter what a foodie thinks should grace my plate.

Minced chipotle peppers added to mashed potatoes are a perfect palate pleaser. Spicy, smoky and sweet, it is a sensual reminder of delicately balanced food. To get the most perfect mashed potatoes that are not gummy follow a few key guidelines:

1) Cook your potatoes very well, until they are falling apart.
2) Mash without any liquid. After you add liquid do not mash anymore.
3) Add the liquid and stir to combine, almost folding the ingredients together. To get whipped potato's add more liquid. The potatoes will soak it up. 

I accented the tamari in the grilled portobellos by adding toasted sesame seeds to the garlicky green beans. 

David thanked me sweetly for making this. This dish just keeps on giving.

Cost Breakdown:
portobello: $5
potatoes: $4
chipotle: $1
green beans: $3
tamari, garlic, Earth Balance, almond milk: $2
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. wow and yes... i have a chipotle obsession right now! are you going to be writing a recipe for this? i would really like to try it, or at least what ingredients you used in approximations? i envy your mashed potatoes right now!


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