Aug 20, 2010

viva vegan! + papas rellenas

I mixed my days up a bit so yesterday's lunch happened today.

This is another recipe from Viva Vegan! by Terry Hope Romero (Again, the link is through It is mini potatoes stuffed with mushrooms and olives. Again there is a sweetness added, from raisins. I'm sensing an ethnic trend.

Since these mini potatoes were hollowed out, and I hate wasting food, I mashed the insides of the potatoes with paprika, almond milk and olive oil, and seasoned it well. This echoed the ingredients in the filling. While the potatoes have a great flavor, the filling was a little dry so the mashed potatoes topped onto the filling after the papas were baked was a welcome addition. And no waste.

Very good flavors over all and a great idea. 

Cost Breakdown:
potatoes: $4
nuts, raisins, olives: $2
mushrooms: $4
onion, garlic, spices: $1
Total to make 15 potatoes:


  1. Mushrooms and potatoes...what can go wrong?

  2. Wow- these look great! And with two of my favorite foods-olives and potatoes- how could they be anything but good. Can't wait to make these!


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