Aug 8, 2010

sofrito crusted corn on the cob over red couscous

I made this light lunch today of Corn on the Cob and Couscous. I slow cooked onions, garlic and parsley and coated the corn with it. I let it marinade while I cooked the beets and peppers for the couscous.

I roasted fresh peppers and boiled small beets. I made the couscous using tomato juice for the liquid, added the veggies and sprinkled the done couscous with roasted slivered almonds. The almonds gave the couscous such a wonderful taste and crunch. Really excellent.

Grilling corn is imperative summer food. If you haven't had grilled corn, yet, you a depriving yourself.

Very tasty and colorful lunch. We were very pleased with the flavors and textures.

Cost Breakdown:
corn $2
couscous: $.50
beets: $2
peppers" $2
almonds: $1
parsley, onion, garlic: $2
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. This looks delicious! I have tried so hard to make myself like beets because they are so good for you...but alas, I continue to fail! The corn looks wonderful.

  2. Very pretty. I love beets and red!

  3. PS what would constitute 5 stars? where is the grading system?

  4. Hi GiGi!

    A 5 star dish is one that everyone in the family agrees is 5 stars. The grading system is the average of all of the family members: 2 adults, a 15 year-old, a 13 year-old, and a 10 year old.

    After a meal I ask everyone how many stars they give the meal and then I average it. Not on a calculator but on a mom-ulator, so to speak.

    Unfortunately, many dishes are drastically reduced in the star system by someone who hates an ingredient, such as tomatoes or mushrooms or greens. If the ratings are too drastic between adults and kids, I will give them separate scores.

    I think it is important to note what our kids think about a dish, even if that means that at times the food gets a lower score than David and I think it should. Then we take a deep breath and remember why children are special.

  5. Had some nice, fresh corn in PA. I wish I would've tried this out then because the Florida corn isn't nearly as good.

  6. Thanks you two! I bet PA corn is a lot better than Floridian corn. Sorry :(

  7. I would love the corn but not the beets but it sure is a pretty plate. Looks like something I would get at a good restaurant. Great job.

  8. Thank you very much! It seems beets are on many people's no-no list! I wonder if it is the earthiness that is putting people off.


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