Aug 8, 2010

peppers stuffed with herbed jasmine rice

Family Favorite

What a lovely meal!
As soon as I saw purple jasmine rice at Whole Foods, I knew it was time to make a stuffed pepper. I bought some gorgeous medium-sized red, orange and yellow peppers to stuff and my CSA  and herb garden provided the tarragon, parsley, basil and chives.

I cooked the rice with a little red lentils and before I stuffed them into the peppers I cooked them almost like a risotto - adding liquid in three stages until the rice was al dente. I then added 2 cups of fresh herbs.

After the peppers were stuffed, I added a 1/4 c of tomato sauce to each pepper and baked them for 1 hour.

Absolutely delicious.

Cost Breakdown:
peppers: $12.00
rice: $1.50
red lentils: $.50
herbs: $3
tomato sauce: $2
Total to make 8 peppers:


  1. Looks fantstic...I love stuffed peppers! My ex husband's later mother taught me how to make them...Hungarian style. Delicious! She did both ways...with meat and without.

  2. Yum :) you must have read my mind as I am planning stuffed peppers this week... thanks for a daily dose of inspiration!

  3. Thank you, ladies. I love stuffed peppers and I love to inspire.


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