Aug 1, 2010

grilled vegetables

What better way to kick-off August summertime than with a delicious grilled vegetable plate? Grilling veggies is such a taste treat! There is nothing like it. The sweetness of the vegetables is enhanced with grilling and the smokiness of them has no parallel.

There are so many ways to serve these scrumptious grilled vegetables: between slices of bread with veganaise or hummus, chopped and mixed into a grain like couscous or quinoa, drizzled with balsamic reduction or just plain right of the grill. I also grilled some lemon and lime to be squeezed on the veggies after they cam off the grill.
Grilled citrus is  so exciting!

These are just basic grilled vegetables: sliced 1/4 in  thick, rubbed with some olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper. You can make them more regional or ethnic by adding certain seasoning or marinading them before grilling. Any way you like it is bound to be wonderful.

Cost Breakdown:
squash: $1
zucchini: $1
eggplant: $1
onion: $1
corn: $1
lemon and lime: $1
potatoes (leftover baked): $1.50
Total for a platter of grilled goodness:


  1. I didn't even know you could grill citrus! Yum.

  2. Mmm yum! I can't believe we're already in August! Summer is going by too fast! I swear, something about grilling makes the veggies taste that much better!

  3. Now you know, Evan! Congrats on going dairy free, btw!

    I agree, Jacklyn! Grilling vegetables is so spectacular! I love it! ...and time is flying by. I'm pretty sure it's that Mayan thing...

  4. I love grilled veggies, your photo looks great, what a delicious meal!

  5. I love grilled vegetables! And the gorgeous grill marks you got on them.

  6. Thanks, Shirley and Patty :)

    Simple can be simply great!

  7. Yum! Your eggplant especially is gorgeous.

  8. Everything tastes better grilled! You did an excellent job with the grill marks :)

  9. Thanks you two! grilling does make things taste so much tastier! The eggplant kept cooking - I had to snap the pic fast before it lost all that gorgeous purple :)


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