Aug 9, 2010

incrediburger with chipotle cream and shaved cucumber

I had these Incrediburgers in the freezer since July and needed something quick to make for lunch. These came out of the freezer, went into the toasted oven, got a little splash of olive oil and tasted fantastic.

This proves that Incrediburgers are great frozen - so go and make yourself a batch to have when you crave a burger.

In case you don't know, Incrediburgers are out of American Vegan Kitchen by Tamsin Noyes.

I made a Chipotle Cream sauce for my burgers using the peppers in adobo - again, I freeze what I don't use of the can to have when I want it - and Better Than Cream Cheese. I seasoned it, sprinkled some cilantro into it and slathered my Incrediburger with it. To keep the party cool, I added some seasoned shaved cucumbers.

They are in a pita because... you guessed it, I had some pita frozen.

You'd think I haven't been to the grocers yet this week!

Cost Breakdown
burgers: $3
cucumber: $1 (sale!)
chipotle: $.50
pita: $2
cilantro and cream cheese: $2
Total to make 5 burgers:


  1. I've never heard of incrediburger, but that sure looks incredible!

  2. Thanks, Evan. Incrediburgers are a seitan burger outof the American Vegan Kitchen.

  3. You never seem to run out of ideas and I sometimes borrow your recipes for my dinners. I also had pita bread today, I made the falafels you posted a few days ago..really good!

  4. I love anything chipotle. These do look great. Personally, I prefer pita bread to regular buns simply because it allows the main item to shine instead of the filler. Thanks!

  5. Thanks, Jacklyn! Good to hear it worked for you, too!

    I agree, Christiane, the buns do detract from the good stuff. Lighter is better in more ways than one.

  6. I'll definately look that burger recipe up. The only commercial vegan burgers that I will buy are Sunshine Burgers and they are hard to find. Im always making veggie burgers at home but also always in the market for another good recipe. These look delicious!


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