Aug 27, 2010

mocha fudge brownies

Every other Fridays we hike. On alternating Fridays I host a Teen Literature Group. On Literature days I have decided to make a treat for the group and today's was brownies. I made Mocha Fudge Brownies and man were they good! It still bewilders me why people put eggs in these; some recipes I looked at call for 4 eggs! I hope I was able to capture how moist, dense and delicious my eggless brownies are.

There is a need to worry about licking the bowl! My kids really appreciate that :) 

Cost Breakdown:
flour: $.50
Earth Balance: $.75
sugar: $.75
chocolate: $2
coffee: $.50
Total to make 16 pieces:


  1. Mmm, look perfect! I made brownies last night, too; how could I not?

  2. I'm always curious when it comes to vegan baked goods.. I think I'm going to have to give these a try!

  3. I never understand putting eggs in brownies either. You can make the most amazing vegan brownies so easily. I'm like your children...the best part is getting to lick the bowl!

  4. Thanks openid and Evan!

    Evan, do give these a try; they are so easy to make!

    JillyAn, you are right! The more I bake the more I come to realize how many recipes add eggs only because the egg industry said they should! Amazing.

  5. no eggs, eh? I should def try this, thanks for sharing!

  6. I totally agree, eggs are so unnecessary. My mom has this banana bread she's been making forever that was vegan on accident - she realized that when she got the recipe two decades ago, she accidentally forgot to write down the eggs and so always made it without them. We've never missed them!

  7. Excellent recipe. They look so yummy and chocolaty. Thanks for sharing these egg free brownies.


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