Aug 12, 2010

chocolate chip waffles

Cat's theory about cooking is, 'when in doubt, make waffles...or pancakes or french toast.' And when really in doubt, add chocolate chips.

Well, she did make some great waffles. What is more, she makes better waffles than I do. She made her batter thinner than I did, so I adjusted the Waffle Template Recipe I have on here.

What else is there to say, really? Waffles are tasty, the kids ate heartily and not a vegetable was in sight. Except the ones in my salad.

Go Cat!

Cost Breakdown:
flour: $.50
almond milk: $1
chocolate chips: $1
baking powder, salt: $.10
sugar: $.25
Total to make 6 waffles:


  1. I've been having a hankering recently for waffles. Gotta get me a maker and go!

  2. Absolutely. It is one of those single-taskers that is a must at some point, as much as I can't stand anything that has only one use.


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