Aug 18, 2010

seitan wrap

I had some seitan in the freezer and an abundance of tortillas. It was only logical to make some seitan wraps.

I used a basic seitan that I made a month or so ago and had it on hand for easy cooking days. I put some veganaise into the wrap and then grilled it. It reminded me of the Rolly Polly Sandwiches that litter the country - only I can eat everything on mine. I added some spinach into my wrap because the kids chose their greens in a side-salad form. Applesauce was their chosen fruit along with some yellow plums from the CSA.

I just got myself a cast-iron panini press - the top press that is. A cast-iron panini press is $400+! Yikes! I am trying to avoid bringing more Teflon stuff into the house seeing as I am trying to get rid of them, so this was my next best bet. In light of my new kitchen gadget, I grilled my wrap to test it out. It worked relatively well, as you can see in the photo. Preheating it is the way to get the top somewhat hot. I'll let you know how it is the next time I use it since cast-iron takes me a little while to get just right. It's like it has a personality of its own that I have to get used to.

Cost Breakdown:
tortillas: $4
seitan: $2
veganaise: $1
salad, spinach: $3
Total to make 4 servings:


  1. These look really good. I'm definately going to try making one of your recipes for seitan soon. Everything you make with it looks very tasty.

  2. Thank you, my dear! Always nice to hear your lovely comments. Good luck with the catering business, btw :)

  3. Love that you through them on the grill and left the tortilla with marks. Grill marks can really have a positive effect on food.

  4. I agree, Tender Branson, the grill marks do make food more appetizing. Over the summer I've become hooked on those marks.


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