banana french toast

The family has loved the 'Fronch Toast' recipe out of Vegan With a Vengeance, so when I saw 'Banana Rabanada' in Vegan Brunch, we had to give it a try. It is French Toast with bananas and cocoa. Now those two are a match made in heaven, so this recipe was bound to be great.

It was. Very simple to make. The only problem I had was with my cast-iron griddle - I should have used a little more fat to keep them from sticking. The sugar in the bananas were caramelizing the toast and making them stick too much.

Cost Breakdown
bread: $3
almond milk: $1
bananas: $1
cocoa: $.25
maple syrup:  $2
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. This sounds cool! I love the addition of bananas to french toast. That way, I can pretend that french toast doused in maple syrup is actually really healthy. :D

  2. Bananas and french toast would be the perfect combo.

  3. I agree with Tender Branson^. What a perfect pair!

  4. Ok, I challenge you to make eggs benedict in such a way that it looks like what it's supposed to but is vegan. You seem to be able to do anything else, doggonit. Heck, you've probably already done this! :)

  5. Bananas and chocolate are devine! And since the maple syrup and the cocoa mix and make a syrup as well, less maple is needed.

    Perfect Combo!

    Challenge Accepted!

    The Benedict is already posted :)

    Look under the 'English Muffin' label to the right. Second one down. The yolk does not run like that of a poached egg (let's face it; tofu has no yolk), but the Hollandaise is pretty spot on, and the egg flavor is evident.