Jun 25, 2010

zucchini and beans couscous with baby beet remoulade

My CSA box is brought on Fridays; among other things, I received amaranth greens, dill, baby beets and zucchini. As I was looking through Speed Vegan, trying to be inspired (I knew there would be no cookbook with a recipe using the exact ingredients I had), I came upon 'Zucchini and Red Beans.' That was enough for me.

I sauteed the zucchini with onions, started slow-sauteing garlic, put the baby beets in a pot of water and started Israel Couscous cooking. I made a remoulade sauce for the beets - simply veganaise, yogurt, capers, pickles, dill and parsley. I brought the whole thing together with some red beans and added the amaranth greens to the zucchini at the last moment. I topped the zucchini saute with the beets remoulade and that was it. 

While David and I enjoyed our meal very much, the kids decided it was too adult-y for them. David said the kids are being Veg-air-tarians. Get it? They are eating nothing but air.

Cost Breakdown:
zucchini: $3
amaranth: $3
beans: $2
beets: $2
couscous: $.50
garlic and onions: $1
remoulade: $2
Total to feed a family of 5 if they all ate:



  1. This dish looks great! Like it belongs in a fancy restaurant!

  2. Since I have seen what kinds of delicious food you make, that is a wonderful compliment! Thank you!

  3. I love both beets and israeli couscous! Sounds like a great dish! :)

  4. Wow it looks so colorful and healthy. It is just irresistible for me with garlic and beet.

  5. Thank you, Cilantropist and zerrinn,

    I love beets and Isael couscous, too. And I would do anything for garlic...this was delicious. In case you are interested, I will post the recipe by tonight.


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