Jun 30, 2010

toasted noodles with kale and navy beans

Tonight is Italian/Pasta Night

Although tonight's meal is not Italian, but Jewish, it is a pasta dish.

The kids love this meal and requested a repeat, especially Kate who did not want me to forget about making garlic bread! Traditionally it is simply referred to as 'fideos'; the noodles are first sauteed in olive oil and then baked with just enough vegetable broth to soften them. After baking I crispen them in the oven on broil. I added kale and navy beans this time around. I know the kids will add some Better Than Sour Cream -it is just how they roll and this can be traditional as well.

Then they'll do an un-traditional thing and put it on some fresh garlic bread. Yeah, we live adventurously here.

Cost Breakdown:
brown rice pasta: $2.50
vegetable broth (homemade): $.50
tomatoes: $2
1/2 kale: $1.50
bread: $2
garlic and onions: $.50
Better Than Sour Cream: $1
beans: $2
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. I can understand why your kids loved this, it looks really good! If you're not too busy, can you share the recipe for this sometime.

  2. Thank you, Jacklyn. I wil post the recipe tonight (Friday)!

  3. Wow! I'm loving your recipes! Just started following you and look forward to sharing!
    check out my family foodie blog, it's not vegan but I use tons of veggies and probly easily adaptable.
    happy sharing!

  4. Hi Gwen,

    Welcome and thank you for taking a look around. I visit your blog and it looks like it is packed with some wonderful information; reading some posts I can feel myself nodding with approval and knowing what you mean.

    Looking forward to sharing, too!


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