Jun 6, 2010

schlotzkys-style sandwich

We are originally from Texas, where Schlozkys was founded. In fact, my husband came with the love of this fast food joint. They are famous for their sourdough sandwich bread, reminiscent of a sourdough English muffin. We are no longer in Texas, and no longer omnivorous either, for that matter, but we still love this sandwich! While I was making the sausage yesterday, I also made Bryanna Clark-Grogan's salami - an ingredient on the Original Schlotzkys Sandwich. Of course we all liked it, as before when I've made this, but this time I used all whole wheat flour, and although still tasting great, it was a little crumbly. I also used hemp milk, which shouldn't affect it, but more experimentation is required.
Poor, unfortunate family.

Cost breakdown:
Homemade bread: $1.50
Seitan: $1
Tofurkey: $2
Tomato, lettuce, olives, onion, pickles: $3
Vegenaise and Daiya: $2.50
Total for 5 large sandwiches:


  1. I love Schlotskys! That's awesome that you could make a vegan sandwich. Whats seitan? I've never had it before.

  2. It is pretty cool that we came up with this - I would have had one grumpy hubby otherwise.

    Seitan is an ancient form of protein, originating in Asia. Basically it is wheat flour with the bran and starch removed. Nowadays you can go to the grocery store and buy vital wheat gluten, with all the work of washing the dough done for you. You then season the liquid part you add to the flour part, knead the dough, and simmer in a flavorful broth. Voila! Complete protein from wheat.

    If you've never had it, I recommend you go and buy some ready made, just to try. Treat it as you would meat. It is pricey buying it in the tubs, but very economical to make at home. You can flavor it any way you wish - 'beef', 'chicken,' or in my case ', 'salami.' BTW, it is virtually fat free.

    I am working on creating a video to help show how to make the salami.

    Thanks for asking!


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