Jun 28, 2010

raw tacos two ways

Wow! This was fabulous. The inspiration came from my coffee-table cookbook, Raw, but I significantly simplified it.

One of the tacos has oyster mushrooms and fresh cut corn marinated in lime juice and a little chili sauce I made for the vinaigrette. I then dehydrated it a bit to let it 'cook.' The other taco has jicama and mango filling with guacamole. The shells I made using fresh cut corn and soaked golden flax seeds. I made my cashew sour cream, which is raw anyway. The chili vinaigrette was made by rehydrating ancho and guajillo chilies, (but any dried chili would be fine) and whisking it with lime juice, vinegar and olive oil. The sauce was super awesome!

The tacos with the sour cream and the chili vinaigrette were a mouth-watering combination.
Even picky-daughter who swore she would never eat raw had a few of these.

Cost Breakdown:
nuts and seeds: $5
olive oil and vinegars: $1
chili peppers: $.50
produce: $7
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. The oyster mushroom/corn one sounds fantastic! Did you make the tortillas?

  2. Thank you, Maggie.

    Yes, I made the tortillas. They are flax seed, sunflower seed and fresh corn. The seeds needed soaking overnight, then I blended everything with some rejuvelac (fermented water of sprouted wheat berries). I dehyrdrated the mixture in sheets for a while, cut them into rounds, folded them and dehyrated them until they were crisp.

    My youngest daughter had four of the corn/mushroom tacos. In fact, she and my hubby were fighting over the last few.


  3. do you have a recipe for this???!! I really want to make it for my vegan friends!!!!! yummy!!

  4. I will write it out tonight. Let me know how it turns out for you :)

  5. That chilli sauce sounds awesome and you even made your own tortilla, wow!

  6. Thank you, Cannellette. The sauce is very good :) and the torillas I had to do because it is difficult to find raw (well,I haven't, yet, actually). BUT, do not let the idea of making your own raw tortillas sound daunting; it is not! It is just a matter of blending some ingredients and dehydrating them. The tortilla is optional, in my opinion; it would be just as good as a tostada (flat tortilla)!


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