Jun 25, 2010

grilled chicken-ran salad

I take the kids hiking on Fridays now, so we have a picnic. I made Chicken-Ran salad last night using Soy Curls. The texture was more tender than the regular TVP I use, which I guess isn't regular TVP, anyway. I grilled the reconstituted soy and, as we've been doing for years, added veganaise mixed with yogurt (lower fat, creamier outcome), celery, onions, and red peppers. It is a great picnic food that the kids love and is easy to make. The name, btw, comes from David who came up with it for our catering business. Cheesy? Maybe, but it's accurate; the chicken did run from this salad and is now safe from being in it. Love it!

Cost Breakdown:
soy curls: $4 (w/ shipping)
veganaise and yogurt: $2
vegetables: $2
loaf of whole wheat bread: $4
Total to make 10 sandwiches:

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