Jun 15, 2010

coco loco

When we lived in San Francisco we patronized a quaint little cafe, Feel Real, that was open only when the owners decided to open.
There were many times we would show up, but the owners didn't.
Still, the place had awesome food. Two of their most fabulous meals were a veggie burger, that resembled no 'burger' I've seen since, and Coco Loco, a coconut, seaweed, noodle dish with steamed greens.
To die for.
Since we are no longer in San Fran, it was up to me to recreate it. I did. Kate asked for this one; she said it's been too long. I think the last time when the aroma of coconut milk and lime filled the kitchen was last month. Gotta love anything that is green and with seaweed and is being requested by a ten-year-old.

Cost Breakdown:
2 bunches, kale: $5
noodles: $2
coconut milk: $2
garlic, lime, tamari: $1.50
seaweed: $2
 (I bought it bulk from Frontier Co-op)
Total to feed a family of 5:

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  1. Made this last night with the seaweed you gave me. It was delicious!


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