Jun 20, 2010

hungarian layered potatoes

Continuing with Dad's Day, I made Layered Potatoes. This, too, is a childhood favorite. Of course, when my dad made this, he used bacon, pork sausage, at least a pint of sour cream, eggs and tons of butter!

 A little adjutment was required here. I made some super easy seitan sausage, made some creamy 'sour cream' using almonds and I used olive oil instead of butter. Not diet food, but not hear-attack material either. Since my CSA brought swiss chard, and since chard stands up to long cooking times, I added that and some yellow squash to the layers as well. 

It turned out very yummy; creamy and savory.

Cost Breakdown:
seitan sausage: $1
potatoes: $3
chard and squash: $4
almonds and lemon: $3
Total to feed a family of 5 twice:


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